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Olive oil

The Azienda produces a number of different Extra Virgin Olive Oils, every one of which bears the certifica¬tion D.O.P (Protected Denomination of Origin) which, along with the insignia “Terra di Ban” (Territory of Bari), guarantees that it was cultivated, processed and bottled in this region.
The Azienda’s membership in the Consortium “Terrautentica ” is yet further certification of both quality and regulated provenance. Only a small part of the annual yield, however, can aspire to the label “Selezione del Conte” (The Count’s Selection), which is reserved for only the very finest oil.

Obtained prevalently from Coratina olives, personally selected by Count Onofrio, “Selezione del Conte” is renowned for its lively, fruity fragrance and its dense opacity – virtues owed to the presence in suspension of noble constituents and precious antioxidants, a com¬pletely natural way of protecting the product from alte¬rations over time.

Born of noble tradition, “Selezione del Conte ” is exceptionally digestible, and merits a place on every table as a complement to the most authentic Mediterranean dishes.

Clinical tests demonstrate that “Selezione del Conte” Extra Virgin Olive Oil is highly effective in protecting the mucus membranes of the sto¬mach and intestine. It also actively discourages the for¬mation of free radicals and, as recent research has cor¬roborated, it is an excellent source of energy for heart patients. Its extremely low acidity and complete absence of chemical residues make it one of the purest and healthiest products available.